Typical Schedule of Holidays in Costa Rica

By CometGlare Monday, January 4, 2016
Here's a list of holidays in 2016 when one dental clinic in Costa Rica is closed.  I thought it would be of interest when scheduling visits. It's obvious that ticos observe different holidays than us norteamericanos.  In particular, it seems that they observe only a single day for Christmas, but take a whole week off for Easter.

Be sure to contact your own dentist: His holiday schedule might well be different than the one below.

List of Observed Holidays in 2016

·         March 21st to 25th (Holy week)
·         April 11th
·         May 1st
·         July 25th
·         August 2nd
·         August 15th
·         September 15th
·         October 12th
·         December 25th
·         2017:  January 1st

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