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Welcome, stalwart readers!

I just answered answered a comment from a reader bemoaning the lack of activity on the Topix dental forum and this blog.  It's true that things seem to have slowed down, but that is partly because dental tourism in CR is becoming more routine and less remarkable (or re-post-able).  Dental tourists who do their homework on the Topix and TripAdvisor forums (and hopefully this little blog) can expect good results.  Finding a great dentist in CR is becoming less an art and more a science.

As for me, things are pretty much unchanged dentally, and so I haven't seen any excuse to post.

I did get some facial plastic surgery a couple months back, and my cheek became infected. (An incision was made inside my mouth during the procedure.)  I wear a night guard at night, and I suspect that I wasn't keeping it germ-free, laying in water all day long.  That's about as close to a dental happening as I can come up with.

(In case you're wondering, I had the surgery done here in the States.)

Thanks for checking in!

Nothing much is happening with me, but CR dental tourism is still doing well

By CometGlare → Sunday, February 26, 2017