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I promised to update this blog when my dental condition changed, even in a minor way, so here's my latest adventure in dentistry.

A first molar came unstuck during vigorous flossing right before New Year's.  These things always seem to happen on major holidays.  The following week, my local dentist removed it with a special tool; apparently some of the glue still held the crown firmly in place.   He examined the crown and the prep (tooth stub) and said both were fine.  He recemented it, and the dental assistant had a time removing the stray cement.  The dentist said that the molar had a short prep, but my teeth were short to begin with.

Since the crown was never loose even after it got unstuck, I'm not too worried about it now.  I've changed my flossing habits so now I floss with only one strand of floss rather than the two strands together I had been using.  End of adventure.  Will update as needed.

Happy 2016 to you, dear reader!


Update: 1/2016 Loose crown, recemented without problem

By CometGlare → Sunday, January 17, 2016
Here's a list of holidays in 2016 when one dental clinic in Costa Rica is closed.  I thought it would be of interest when scheduling visits. It's obvious that ticos observe different holidays than us norteamericanos.  In particular, it seems that they observe only a single day for Christmas, but take a whole week off for Easter.

Be sure to contact your own dentist: His holiday schedule might well be different than the one below.

List of Observed Holidays in 2016

·         March 21st to 25th (Holy week)
·         April 11th
·         May 1st
·         July 25th
·         August 2nd
·         August 15th
·         September 15th
·         October 12th
·         December 25th
·         2017:  January 1st

Typical Schedule of Holidays in Costa Rica

By CometGlare → Monday, January 4, 2016