Topix threads on C.R. dentists

By CometGlare Thursday, October 9, 2014

here are some excellent "threads" (conversations) about Costa Rican dentists in the Topix forums.

Here is the "Long Topix thread," as regulars call it. I have a soft spot in my heart for this thread, as it was where I first started my own research. It is where I met several people who are now my Internet friends.  A few intrepid newbies have succeeded in reading all 300-plus pages and 6000-plus comments of the thread, but most don't get that far.  If you're new to this thread, I would recommend starting by first reading the May 2014 Update Jamboree posts .  Then go back to Summer 2013 and start reading forward into 2014.  You can follow RJ, Mitch, Sam and others through their initial research into C.R. dentists up through their trips to C.R.  Occasionally, the posts take the conversation off the rails, which is what happened in September 2014.  Topix threads are unmoderated and all it takes is a single person to take down the whole thread (through several methods that I won't detail here).

And here's the "shorter Topix thread".  It was started somewhat later as a reaction to the craziness that often occurred on the Long Thread.

There are other threads on Topix that I haven't been following, such as this one on implants and this other one on implants.

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