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lex Wideman runs a web site for people needing implants.  He gives general information about implants and crowns, and advises prospective patients about their options in choosing a dentist.  I've looked at the site, and it seems to fill an unmet need.  Implants are a huge expense for patients, and it's good to see a site that tries to provide unbiased information about them.  I'm always leery that dental-oriented web sites might have some hidden agenda, so I scrutinized the site looking for any telltale signs that Alex has "sold out" to some commercial interest. I'm glad to report that I didn't find any.  Whew!

He sent me a list of questions, which I dutifully answered and sent back.  My answers are now posted as an "Interview" in the "Costa Rica" section of the "Dental Tourism" page.  If you've read the other posts on this blog, I don't think you'd find many surprises in my interview.  I provided my standard list of encouragements and warnings.  You can read the full interview here.

Why did I give advice about implants even though I don't actually have any implants?  Well, I have procedures just as complicated as implants.  Furthermore, I know folks with implants--some of whom used dentists I recommended.  Even if I couldn't tell you the technical details of their work, things turned out well, so I felt both vindicated and gratified.  So when Alex knocked, I answered.

Buena suerte and pura vida!

My Interview on Alex Wideman's Implant Site

By CometGlare → Sunday, March 8, 2015