My dental work at 4+ years (20 September 2015)

By CometGlare Saturday, September 19, 2015
Just an update about my dental work after about 4 years and 4 months.

Things are going well, which I'm grateful for.  The dental hygenist says I have the cleanest gums of any of her patients, probably due to clean living...and seeing her four times a year.  I also love my Sonicare toothbrush (the model with the selectable settings so I can brush on "sensitive"), which I use twice a day.  And, oh yeah, I also sip bottled water all the time and swish it around in my mouth.  I'm not going to complain about success.

I also saw a local periodontist for complete periapical x-rays and to see how the work is holding up.   I was concerned about my upper right teeth which have a long history of feeling funny, but there are sinus issues too.  He said the teeth and gums were fine.  My upper left lateral incisor still feels unnaturally numb after the root canal; but there is no pain.  He said that the root looked fine, echoing what my Costa Rica dentists had told me a couple months back.

The periodontist found two small issues with how the crowns fit the gums. As he didn't notice these four years ago when he first examined me, these must reflect changes in my gum tissue since then.  The defects are quite small now, and my general dentist never even mentioned them.  However, if they continue to get worse, the time may come many years from now when I might need a couple of new crowns. There is also a small (1 mm) recession in my gum on the back side of my upper front teeth.  This actually seems much less of a problem than it did when my general dentist commented on it a year ago.  Specialists are excellent in finding irregularities.

So, my 28 crowned teeth are no longer perfect. Oh, well. But I still have 23 or 24 crowns and gums that are as good now as they were in April 2011.

I'll continue to provide updates.

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