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By CometGlare Sunday, August 24, 2014

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Every few weeks, someone on the Topix forum will ask how to send or receive Private Messages (PMs) or how to search the forum.  Rather than re-posting instructions as I have been doing, I'm just going to keep the most up-to-date instructions here in my own blog.  The next time someone on Topix asks, I'll just refer them to this page.

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To Private Message (PM) somebody--
Click on their name on the left, and select "Send a message to XXXX".  They have to be "registered", as we call it, which is indicated by the icon of the envelope.  For example, anyone can send a PM to RJ, but no one can send a message to Floridagirl79 (since she is not registered).  (If you look at your own posts, you won’t see the envelope icon.  That's normal.  Why would you want to PM yourself, anyway?)

When you PM someone, an email notification is sent immediately to their regular email account. This should attract their attention.

To "register",  change your settings to allow folks to contact you. Click on your username at the very top of the web page, next to "Topix".  Click on "Settings", and change your settings.
There are three settings. My current settings are shown below. They example indicates that (1) someone can PM me,  (2) that I will be notified by email if they do, and (3) that my posts are available for browsing if folks click on my name:

Personal Messages are enabled. Registered Topix users can send you Personal Messages.
Email alerts for Personal Messages are enabled.
Your list of recent forum posts is currently public.

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  1. Hi Dave, Sal F. here. I tried to access the Topix forum today but a message says it has been removed. Could you check that out? Thanks