Dental Clinics Tell Us About Themselves

By CometGlare Saturday, August 30, 2014
entists and clinics:

This page is for you!

Here's a chance to tell the blogosphere about your clinic.  All clinics are welcome to participate, except for a couple of clinics where conscience compels me to restrict comments.

I'm especially interested in discovering new clinics and little-known specialist clinics. I feel there are some undiscovered gems hiding in that area.

Here are some things readers might want to know about the dentist(s) at your clinic:
  • Dentists' names and educational credentials
  • Any outstanding or distinguishing accomplishments?  (Awards, courses taught, etc.)
  • English-speaking?
  • Your website URL
  • Whatever else makes your clinic stands out in your mind

Please keep the descriptions fairly concise. I reserve the right not to post comments that are way too wordy in my opinion.


ould-be Patients,

Some clinics have described themselves below.  I've done virtually no screening on these--I will be happy to leave that job to you.

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