Dave's Faves: Dr. Vinicio Prada

By CometGlare Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dr. Vinicio Prada, Prosthodontist
Dr. Anibal E. Gonzalez, Periodontist/Implantologist
And their colleagues at:
DDS Dental

Financial disclosure information:  I have no financial ties to this clinic or any of its dentists.  I am not employed by them in any capacity, nor do I receive commissions or any other form of consideration for any referrals or anything else.  In April 2013, Dr. Prada waived the $300 laboratory fee for my follow-up dental work.  However, I don't think this small courtesy affects my objectivity.
   If I have any bias in favor of this clinic--which I probably do--it is simply because I have more information on Dr. Prada and DDS Dental Clinic than any other dentist or clinic in Costa Rica. My knowledge is a natural result from spending dozens of hours in the clinic.  Any patient will invariably have far more information about their own dentist than about any other dentist.  

Prada of DDS Dental is my own prosthodontist.  His colleague, Dr. Gonzalez, is a periodontist/implantologist who performed my gum surgeries in 2010.  I highly recommend them both.  Their colleague, endodontist Dr. Paola Caranza, did my root canals in 2013.  Other DDS associates include: A maxillofacial surgeon (with stellar credentials), an orthodontist, and a pediatric dentist.
I have written in detail about my work with DDS elsewhere on this blog ("Welcome ==> My Dental Story").

      Dr. Prada did his post-DDS specialty training in prosthodontics (crowns, bridges, etc.) at Louisiana State University.  He functions as the "quarterback" when planning and executing complicated dental procedures, co-ordinating the work of the other specialists including Dr. Gonzalez.  Having experienced this teamwork approach personally, I wish that others could enjoy the same privilege.

     For folks considering implants, keep Dr. Gonzalez in mind.  He did dual post-DDS training at Baylor University in both periodontics (gum surgery) and implants.  I am sometimes asked about whom I would recommend for implants.  I don't have any, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dr. Gonzalez, who did such a great job with Rod Anderson.  See Rod's blog at TheDentalTourist.com.  (I discussed a few dentists with Rod, and after a long search in 2013, he settled on Dr. Prada as best meeting his own particular needs.)  Rod's experience underscores what I have long believed about the importance of the prosthodontist, even in implant procedures. Dr. Prada oversees and co-ordinates dental implant work, from the beginning to the final crown, giving additional assurance that everything will fall into place. 

     Okay, enough said.

Comments welcome.    Is Dr. Prada or Dr. Gonzalez your dentist?  If so, consider "paying it forward" by telling us about your experience (hints for posting).

3 comments to ''Dave's Faves: Dr. Vinicio Prada"

  1. Hi Dave, I am strongly considering having extensive dental work done at DDS Clinic with Dr. Prada and Gonzalez. Did you have a bone graft? If so, can you tell me the price you were charged, and your experience: procedure, post op. I lost a significant amount of bone due to an aggressive infection I did not know I had. By the time I had actual pain (teeth looked awesome so I didn't think anything was wrong) the infection ate away so much bone it's alarming. I lost a few healthy teeth in the process in addition to the two teeth that were abscessed in the root area with no real outward sign of infection. Horrible experience. I am so looking forward to smiling again. any information or advice you have will be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi Dhani!

      If you send me an email at CostaRicaSmiles@gmail.com, I'd be glad to talk with you about my experiences.

      To address your question, I did *not* need a bone graft. My roots were good; I just needed lots of crowns. Of course, this clinic can perform bone grafts when needed. (And I don't think I'd like to have a bone graft if it *wasn't* needed! lol)

      Best of luck to you, Dhani!

    2. you have convinced me to have a consultation with Dr. Prada and his colleagues. I've been to Costa Rica before and plan to stay at Las Crumbas once again. I can't wait to get this show on the road! thanks again for your input.



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