Readers' Faves: Patients share their favorite dentists

By CometGlare Saturday, August 30, 2014
i there, CR Dental Patients:

Have you had a great experience at a CR dental clinic recently?  Give your dentist some well-deserved exposure by sharing your experience with us.
NOTE: If your dentist is a "specialist," in the sense of having completed a graduate degree after the DDS degree, please comment on the special page for specialists.
Please abide by these guidelines when commenting:
1.  There are one or two clinics that I find particularly questionable. I will probably choose not to publish comments about them, even positive comments.   This is a matter of conscience for me.

2.  Please be a real patient, not someone in an employment or other financial relationship with a dental clinic.  There is a special page on this blog especially for clinics: Kindly post your comment there.

3.  If you had a bad experience with one of the dentists I recommend on my blog, you are free to email me about it at the address above. I'd be curious about your issues, as I expect very few problems for my Fave dentists.

But if your bad experience was with a another CR dentist, then I'm not sure what I can do.  There are better outlets for your displeasure on the Internet than my humble blog.  Let's face it, sites like TripAdvisor employ a lot more lawyers than I do. 

4. Finally, I reserve the right not to publish comments that in my opinion are phrased too harshly to fit into the respectful tone that I try to keep in this blog.

Readers might be curious about these things:
  • What was the name of the clinic? Who was your dentist(s)?
  • What work did you have done?
  • How long ago? (At least six months is best)
  • Any problems since? (If you had a bad experience,
         this is probably not be the best place to post it.)
  • Whatever else you found memorable about the whole experience
  • How much did you pay, but only if you're comfortable discussing it
  • Did you stay somewhere particularly great?

In addition to the basic points above, you might want to address some of my pet questions.
  • Did the dentist allow sufficient time to get things done, or did he rush or take shortcuts?
  • How good is the quality of the lab work?
         Has another dentist commented on your work?
  • Did you have any problems (quite common in complicated procedures),
         and if so, how did the dentist handle them?

When I check out references on the phone, I also want to gauge their credibility. Are they biased one way or the other? How observant and knowledgeable are they?


ould-be CR Dental Patients:

I've done very little screening on the following posts by readers. I think that is your job. 


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