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By CometGlare Friday, January 23, 2015
I had a long phone conversation with a would-be dental patient recently who was on the verge of a visit to C.R. to check out dentists.  A couple of isues came up that might be of general interest.

Cost was an issue for her as it is for many of us. After all, that's one reason why we're looking at Costa Rica.  For price-conscious patients, I always mention Cavallinis and Costa Rica Dental Team.  Both clinics do both full-mouth restorations and implants, but I think that the Cavallinis are particularly good to look at for economy-priced implants, and CRDT for crowns.

Another issue was scheduling procedures for implants with Dr. Gonzales.  She tried to contact Dr. Gonzales first and I guess that sort of surprised me until I thought about it.  Dr. G. is the implantologist (and periodontist) for Dr. Prada of DDS Dental, and so it would be natural for many US patients to make the contact with him since he would be doing the implants.  I think this may be how it works at some C.R. clinics (Dr. Anglada and Dr. Castro-maybe?), but the best and easiest procedure here would be to let Dr. Prada handle everything.  Let him be the point of contact, and if he thinks you should contact Dr. G directly he'll tell you.  This is the how both R.J. and I handled our procedures with Dr. G., implants in RJ's case and crown lengthenings in mine.  The beauty of this arrangement is that if something ever goes wrong, you just contact Dr. P., and he'll figure out how to fix it. I love that Dr. P and G work so well as a team. 

All the dentists mentioned here have their own entries on this blog under "The Dentists".
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