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By CometGlare Thursday, October 9, 2014
his page is for miscellaneous readers' comments.  If you have a comment on a particular dentist, please post it on that dentist's page.  If it's a general comment, you can post it here.

Please observe blog guidelines for posting. Be polite and respectful when talking of other folks' dentists.


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2 comments to ''Readers' discussion forum"

  1. As a hopeful, soon to be Costa Rican dental patient I have to say it's alarming that this site and topix forum long thread seems to be dying down. I've read the entire thread so I have seen the ebb and flow of activity before therefore I'm somewhat hopeful it picks back up. Thank you and the many others who have tried to make the journey easier for us.

  2. Thanks for your appreciation, forkup. Yes, it seems that the Topix forum is settling down into silence, but that's partially because it's less remarkable nowadays that folks are able to obtain excellent dental care beyond the borders. (In any case, silence is better than the rancor that has gripped the board from time to time.)

    As for my blog, I don't post much anymore because not much is happening. I was very close to obtaining before-and-after pics from a patient of a less-frequently mentioned CR dentist, but the trail has grown cold and the patient no longer answers my emails for some reason. I had been working with her off-and-on for much of 2016. I thought she had a very interesting story.

    I did happen to hear from a friend in CR last week, who reports no slowdown in American dental tourists to CR. It's becoming more popular every year.

    Buena suerte y pura vida, mi e-amigo!