Update May 2018

By CometGlare Monday, May 28, 2018
Update May 2018

It's been a while since I've posted, but don't worry.  That's mainly because not much has been happening.  So it won't take long to brief you.

My crowns are holding up well.  After local dentist retired, his replacement did notice a slight chip on one of the premolars.  It's visible only under clinical inspection, but the mere thought of it means that I'm aware of it.

I mentioned that my nightguard was bringing bacteria into my mouth, and that I had to change the way I was storing it.  I had been putting it into plain water, but this turns out to be bad, bad, bad.  The water became a breeding ground for bacteria, which wouldcome into my mouth every night when I put on the night guard.  Now I keep the water bug-free by adding some chlorhexadine, a prescription antiseptic and mouthwash, and changing the water every week.  I rinse off the nightguard before putting it in my mouth.  Who would think that this small a change could so improve the way my gums feel?  And they felt okay to begin with....

Here's an odd event that probably doesn't happen to everyone with dental work done in Costa Rica...My former, now-retired dentist called me out of the blue one day a few months back, asking for the name of my Costa Rica dentist.  One of his former patients or friends wanted to know.  That's a great testimonial to quality, from both the dentist and the dental lab.  My current dentist has also praised my dental work.

So that's about all the non-news that I have.

More later, or when there are new developments to report.


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