2015 May Updates!

By CometGlare Saturday, May 9, 2015
2015 May Updates!

Well, it's that time of year again... Time for the May Updates on the Topix forum.

This will be the second annual May Updates. Last year was the inauguration of this tradition.  I had this idea back in late 2013, when the Topix forum was going through one of its periods.  There were a lot of off-topic posts back then and some back-and-forth arguments going on.  My idea was to have a lot of dentist reviews posted at one time in the year, allowing interested newbiews to just read a few days or weeks of posts to get the general flavor of things.  Furthermore, I thought it would be an interesting idea to have folks look back on dental work that had been completed months or years earlier and tell us what they thought.  Most dental patients give their dentists glowing reviews immediately after the work is completed, but problems usually don't become apparent for weeks or months.  So that was the idea behind the May Update tradition.

For the May 2014 Jamboree Update, I emailed dozens of old posters and tried to convince them to post.  Many did, but many ignored me.  This year I emailed just three people (who all ignored me).  So the eight people or so who have posted so far have done so spontaneously, for which I am grateful!

Some thoughts about the posts this year...

>>> I posted an update on my dental work from Dr. Prada.  It was a belated admission that I don't like root canals, which is what I always thought.  I'm still happy with the work, but I wish I had a time-machine so I could have had it all done by Dr. Prada back in 1995 when the first set of 28 crowns were placed.  He fixed a lot of the problems stemming from the 1995 crowns when he worked on me in 2010/2011.  But it is just so much easier (and less expensive) to have dental work done right the first time.

>>> I see a sour note regarding Dr. Castro by one of the posters.  I appreciate honest posts like this.  (And in my opinion, asking folks to contact him privately is the best way to handle cases like this.)  I posted a reminder to him to "Register" so that folks would be able to Private Message him if they wanted to follow up.  I remember seeing another post from a patient of Dr. Castro's (maybe by the same poster, I don't remember) in last year's May Updates (sometime in May 2014, obviously).

>>> I don't understand Infoseek's comment (#6996).  Is this directed to me or to someone else?   I don't know.  It's very easy in a public forum to write a post that seems perfectly clear to the original poster, but leaves some readers scratching their heads.  I've written many such posts.  This is another reason why I recommend that people with complaints reserve their hardest-hitting shots for private discussions, where the criticism is less likely to be misunderstood.

>>> As usual, my posts get flagged.  There are one or two guys who hold a grudge against me and flag my posts routinely.  Eventually, they will get bored and go away.  But until they do, the ratings no longer make any sense because of people like that.


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