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By CometGlare Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Pacific sunset at Matapalo, Costa Rica


Your comments are welcome.

If you had an experience with any of the clinics listed as Favorites on this blog, either Dave's Faves or Internet Faves, your comments are appreciated.  Even if your experience was a bad one, please let me know.  I can't promise that I'll post your reply, but if I see a pattern of unhappy patients, I'll remove that dentist from my Fave lists.

If you had a good experience with a dentist not list as a Fave, please comment on the "Readers Share Their Favorite Dentists" page. If you have a miscellaneous comment not pertaining to a particular dentist, you can comment on the "Readers, Sound-Off Here!" page.

Many readers will want to know:
  • What was the name of the dentist(s)?
  • When did you have your work?
  • What work did you have done?
  • Anything about the experience that's particularly memorable?

Some optional questions:
  • Was it painful?
  • How did the dentist handle any post-treatment issues that came up?
  • Can you comment on the quality of the workmanship?
  • What did it cost (if you're comfortable providing that)?
  • Suggestions on travel arrangements or accommodations?
  • Has another dentist examined the work?  If so, what did he think?
  • If you have a personal blog, you may post its URL.

  • You can help readers find you on Topix or TripAdvisor
    by providing the post number and the URL. Please don't recopy your post, just post a note like this:  "For more on my good experience with Dr. XXXX, please see my post #6383 on http://www.topix.com/forum/world/costa-rica/THGCO47LHH1FS7DR7/p307."
    We need the URL because there are many separate threads on TripAdvisor and two separate threads on Topix with almost 400 pages.  Give us the post number too.  Topix posts sometimes change pages as the thread ages.

  • If you want folks to be able to contact you, please put your email or web site URL in the post, or refer readers to a post on Topix or TripAdvisor where they can send you a private message.

Finally, help me maintain a respectful and upbeat tone on this blog.  Please don't post comments that are: Disrespectful, unfounded in fact, or phrased overly harshly against any dentist.  There are more appropriate outlets for those kind of posts.

If this is the first comment you've posted on my blog or another Blogspot blog, you might want to make a copy of your comment before posting it. Blogspot may ask you to sign up the first time you try to post, and your comment might get lost in the confusion.

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