Packing suggestions

By CometGlare Sunday, September 7, 2014

Topix p. 205:   #4185

Woody had a great packing list.  I'd add the following items:
Photocopies of your passport.  (Put your passport in your hotel safe and just carry a photocopy. Every motel has an in-room safe for your valuables.)

Swim suit. (My hotel has a jacuzzi and two swimming pools.)

Hat and/or sunscreen. (In case you plan any day trips in the sun.)

Sun glasses.

I’ve never needed:  bar soap, nail file or scissors.  But I can see how a small mirror could come in handy when looking at dental work in sunlight.

Notify your credit and debit card companies beforehand that you'll be traveling abroad.  (Some companies don't care, but others appreciate it.)

Laptop computer.  (How could I compose these Topix posts without it?)

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