Internet Faves: Dr. Anglada

By CometGlare Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dr. Arnoldo Anglada  (implants)

Financial disclosure information:  I have no financial ties to this clinic or any of its dentists.  I am not employed by them in any capacity, nor do I receive commissions or any other form of consideration for any referrals or anything else. 

Dr. Arnoldo Anglada has been burning up the blogosphere for years.  Even casual readers of the Topix or TripAdvisor forums will have stumbled across his name numerous times--invariably in a favorable context.
    Dr. Anglada, a specialist dentist, trained at the University of Chile as an implantologist.

External Links:

Tara's 2012 blog of her experiences with Dr. Anglada, including some nice before and after pics and general advice about Costa Rica.

Another blog with a few posts about Dr. Anglada.

      Disclaimer:  I have no first-hand knowledge of this clinic.  I have not met Dr. Anglada.

Comments welcome.    Is Dr. Anglada your dentist?  If so, consider "paying it forward" by telling us about your experience (hints for posting).

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  1. I am currently a patient Of Dr. Anglada and Dr. Castro. I started my journey with them in July 2013. I currently have 5 implants and 23 crowns with 1 implant left to go . Overall cost for 6 implants with crowns and 18 crowns over natural teeth is going to end up right around $18,000. A fraction of the cost in the US or Canada. My overall experience with these Dr.'s has been overwhelmingly positive. No it hasn't been perfect and there have been some setbacks, but I truly feel like their team has become like extended family.

    Panhandle Jim

    PS I hope this doesn't double post.


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