Some Internet resources

By CometGlare Sunday, August 24, 2014

Some Internet Resources

The main resource for Costa Rica dentists is living, breathing former patients, preferably on the phone, but otherwise in email.  You can get their names from blogs or from dental clinics.  Talk to them.  They've already been through what you're thinking about.

The Internet also offers a lot of information about these clinics, though often skewed in favor of the clinics themselves.

Most dentists have their own web sites, which are invariably glitzy and impressive.  Just keep in mind that few dentists create their own web sites; outside professional web designers do those.  What the web sites may lack in objectivity, they more than make up for in terms of hype.  "Before" and "After" photos are sometimes found on these sites; these are the most interesting pages to me.

Google and Bing also give you a lot of information about Costa Rica dentists.  Some of the links will be useful, but most will be slanted to the advantage of the dentists themselves.  Keep in mind that some search engines will accept cash to display links more prominently.  I used Google when I started out, but then began contacting the clinics and talking with patients and dentists directly.

There are some advertiser-supported websites which allow businesses to select which reviews to display.  Rod Anderson did a fascinating report on on his blog.

The US Embassy's List of Physicians and Dentists

The US Embassy in Costa Rica keeps a list of physicians and dentists, though no one is completely sure of the selection criteria.

My Favorites: Topix

My favorite sources of Internet information are Topix and TripAdvisor.

Topix has two large forums (and some smaller ones, which I don't follow).  Depending on the time and reader interest, one thread or the other might be active or more interesting.  Sometimes readers or new posters on one thread find themselves on the other thread and are confused because they can't find their posts.

See my list of Topix threads on C.R. dentists here.

My Favorites: TripAdvisor

I also recommend the Costa Rica forums on TripAdvisor. Review are concise, and spam is promptly removed.

See my list of TripAdvisor discussions about C.R. dentists here.

See Hints on Searching the Internet: Press Here.

Or browse some of Dave's favorite dentists from "THE DENTISTS" menu.

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