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lex Wideman runs a web site for people needing implants.  He gives general information about implants and crowns, and advises prospective patients about their options in choosing a dentist.  I've looked at the site, and it seems to fill an unmet need.  Implants are a huge expense for patients, and it's good to see a site that tries to provide unbiased information about them.  I'm always leery that dental-oriented web sites might have some hidden agenda, so I scrutinized the site looking for any telltale signs that Alex has "sold out" to some commercial interest. I'm glad to report that I didn't find any.  Whew!

He sent me a list of questions, which I dutifully answered and sent back.  My answers are now posted as an "Interview" in the "Costa Rica" section of the "Dental Tourism" page.  If you've read the other posts on this blog, I don't think you'd find many surprises in my interview.  I provided my standard list of encouragements and warnings.  You can read the full interview here.

Why did I give advice about implants even though I don't actually have any implants?  Well, I have procedures just as complicated as implants.  Furthermore, I know folks with implants--some of whom used dentists I recommended.  Even if I couldn't tell you the technical details of their work, things turned out well, so I felt both vindicated and gratified.  So when Alex knocked, I answered.

Buena suerte and pura vida!

My Interview on Alex Wideman's Implant Site

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Topix posts that caught my eye...

Click the link to go to the page of the forum, then scroll down to find the given post number.  The number of each post is displayed at the top of the white space, e.g., "#6838".   If you can't find the post number on that Topix page, it might have been moved to the previous page (press the "PREV" link to go to the previous Topix page).

"BTW, if I were an American dentist, I would have a tough time recommending an acrylic All on 4 for $40K to a patient, when I knew that he/she could get an All on 8 full arch MZ solution in Costa Rica for $20 -$30K,(versus $60 to $80K in the States)." 

"I would absolutely avoid renting or owning a car nowadays [in Costa Rica]."

I've known a couple people who have successfully rented cars in Costa Rica--RJ is one--but driving in country is certainly not for me.   Just take a taxi or a bus. They're cheap.

Another opinion on renting a car:  "BiteImpaired" finds a great car-rental company and has a fun few days on the road.

"Temporary interloper, great post with detailed explanation on the immediate load system. Very beneficial for those who chooses this type of dental treatment."

Info about implants.

Suggestions about using your cell phone in Costa Rica.

Discussion about places to stay in the Escazu area (DDS and Dr. Prada, Nova and Dr. Obando, etc.).  I've stayed several times at the Villas del Rio in Escazu, across from Dr. Prada's Escazu office.   I love it there:  Good breakfasts, complimentary and reliable to-and-from airport shuttle, great and helpful English-speaking staff, and you can exchange money at the front desk.   It's not the most economical choice however, and the discussion centered on other great options.  (There's another motel in Costa Rica called Villas del Rio, so use the link above to get to the one in Escazu.)

#7302 "Temporary Interloper" dodges a dental bullet:
"If I hadn't done my homework and surrendered to the narrow solution offered by my U.S. dentist, I would have been screwed for life."

#7349 Implants: Bridges versus dentures:
"Yes this forum helped me a lot too with my decision to just go to Costa Rica and get my dental work done, one of the best decisions I've made"

Updated 9/20/2015:  There are scads of glowing reviews of Nova on both TripAdvisor and Topix, so I was surprised to see this mildly critical review (#373) recently posted on TA.

The Topix board is quite interesting and "on topic" in February 2016 and into March. Here are a few highlights:
Topix #7619, 7623, 7644, 7649  "DBronx" posts about his experience with Dr. Prada.
Topix #7634 and following posts Discussion about favorite shades ("How white?") for crowns for people having full-mouth restorations.  I plump for one of the "0" shades, which are slightly whiter than natural.
Topix #7645 NYSpouse has nice review of my favorite hotel, Villas del Rio, and some hints on getting around.
Topix #7656, 7657 "Schroonloon" and "Temporary Interloper" give some details about their implant procedures at Nova (Dr. Obando) and the Cavallini Clinic, respectively.

A Running List of Interesting Topix posts

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